OVII are unique glass and copper vases. Each vessel is different as they are made with a process developed by Odd Matter that utilises the unusual growth of copper.

This process uses electroforming to create a perfect fitting copper frame around glass polygons. To do so the edges of the individual glass panels are painted with a conductive paint. After which the vessels are taped together and immersed into the copperforming bath. In there the copper starts to form only there where the conductive paint is. By letting this process go on a strong and very fine fitting frame is ‘grown’ around the glass panels.

Not only does this growing process results in a perfect fitting frame it also produces a beautiful unpredictable intricate texture. This texture is part of the electroforming process and the appearance depends heavily on the ‘climate’ in the copperforming bath. Any small difference in voltage, timing, placement or even temperature affects the process and results in a different outcome. Therefore each OVII vase is unique

The process is the result of Odd Matter’s ongoing interest and exploration of what possibilities lie hidden within existing techniques and was first developed for the Overnight collection.

The vases come in three sizes and are available in four different colours glass.
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