Operae – Piemonte Handmade

At operae 2016 Odd Matter exhibits Mass and Meta.
Meta is a new project which came out of the invitation of Galleria Salvatore Lanteri to particpate in Piemonte Handmade. For more information on Meta please click here. For Mass please click here.

About Piemonte Handmade
If it is true that the dialogue between artisans and designers – two precious interlocutors to create new future perspectives – is living a significant transformation, it is necessary for this partnership to open up to the market through design galleries. Collecting is a natural solution for limited editions and one-off produced by craftsmen. Therefore, the project Piemonte Handmade 2016 involves designers, Piedmont’s artisans and galleries committed in the realization of objects to be introduced within the world of design to collect.

The initiative was financed by the Development and Cohesion Fund 2007-2013.
The following text by Annalisa Rosso – curator of Operæ 2016 – is an extract of the exhibition catalogue.

Rima’s artificial marble is realized with an antic technique allowing hyper-realistic creations. Such is the case of the project Meta that puts together two stones perfectly reproduced in a combination that could not exist in nature. The encounter between the artisan Simone Desirò and the designers Odd Matter generated a virtuous short-circuit.
The produced object is a founding element. A column, a monolith, “prefiguring and representing a symbolic future” explains the gallerist Salvatore Lanteri.

Pictures of Meta: Courtesy of Operæ. Independent design fair ©PEPE fotografia