Soft metal mesh forms transformed through electroplating into solid metal furniture pieces with an intricate organic appearance. Each piece is instinctively handshaped, without the use of tools or technical drawings before solidifying its shape and final texture in the galvanic bath.

The relationship between designer and object is often determined by the tools used to create the pieces. Tools that enable creation but as such are also a translation between imagination and reality. With Hours, Odd Matter created a very intuitive way of interacting with a material thus shaping the object freely before allowing the tool to do the same.

To achieve this, the designers work with soft metal mesh, manipulating until the desired form is found. After that it is passed to the tool; the electroplating process. During the hours spent in the bath the designers resign control letting the process complete the piece.

In this way the pieces are made without technical drawings, 3d renderings, scale models and consideration of how to make. Instead both designer and tool have been given the space to create a unique artifact in their own way, and in their own time.

100 Hours – Electroplated mesh copper bench
140:55:60 cm – limited edition of 6
Handmade by Odd Matter for Seeds

114 hours – electroplated mesh copper lamp
50:30:20 cm – limited edition of 3
Handmade by Odd Matter