Design Parade 11

We blow glass into different things, the result is different.
The beginning of a collaborative project into glass blowing with Samy Rio.

During one of our visits at Villa Noailles we discovered a similar startingpoint for our individual projects. Following that Samy Rio explored glassblowing into bamboo at Cirva and we worked with La verrerie de Biot to blow glass into cork. On show are the first experiments.



Collection of Shelves, tables and lamps made for Design Parade 11. The pieces are handmade using cork granules and a hard plaster. You can see more of the collection here.



With winning the ‘Prix Special pour le Liege du Var’ in 2015 at the Design Parade 10 we won a residency at the Chateau St. Pierre to work with the cork from the Var region in France.

The outcomes of which are united in our research SUBER  and is now on show at the Chateau St. Pierre. The exhibition shows the various results, experiments, ideas and in progress pieces. All aim to suggest and explore new techniques and applications using cork from the Var region.