17 – 21 March 2014

Overnight light collection selected by the Crafts Council for the upcoming ‘Materially British’ show at Design Days Dubai.


Thank you to the The Future Laboratory who made this great video about the Overnight lamps and how we make them.

Filmmaker : James Maiki 

Odd Matter Studio from The Future Laboratory on Vimeo.



‘Control the Spice’ is a calculator and a measurement designed especially for Design Marketo and their amazing ‘Perfume, Sir?’ exhibition.



Showing the new complete ‘Overnight’ collection at Vessel Gallery from 14/09/2013 till 20/10/2013



The first work in progress pieces from a new project: ‘Holiday Eyes’ where on show during Sofia Design Week 21/06/2013 – 26/06/2013.

The start of ‘Holiday Eyes’ will be a collection of tableware inspired by traditional Bulgarian ceramics and made by local craftsmen. The ceramic tableware and pattern experiments form the first step into the exploration of how a different perspective can open your eyes to things you have been seeing your entire life. As two designers living abroad, ‘Odd Matter’ (Els Woldhek & Georgi Manassiev) spend most of their holidays going to their respective home countries, where they show each other around, learning about and enjoying the culture. On these trips it’s amazing to notice how things they always took for granted suddenly stand out. By looking at their everyday objects through different /new eyes.

One of these stand out objects are the traditional Bulgarian ceramics, With  their amazing patterns and  unique sliptrailing technique.  Working together with local Bulgarian craftspeople the aim is to create a set of tableware and culture specific items, such as a Rakia set and a yoghurt/dill/garlic pot. Showcasing the traditional crafts viewed from a new perspective.



Els Woldhek and Georgi Manassiev are very proud to be launching their new studio Odd Matter. And their first project ‘OverNight’. A collection of lamps made for  Vessel Gallery Lighting Editions. The first pieces of the collection were shown for the first time at ‘Edit’, design junction exhibition during the Milan design week.


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